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you said you loved talking about art so i would like to ask you a question. i just viewed one of the videos you linked from your last ask (thank you btw, answer was very VERY helpful), how do you blend with the photoshop brush? i am very confused. do you used like the smudge tool or something?
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hello again!! i’m glad you found it useful!

and that’s a good question! i actually avoided drawing in photoshop until this past summer because i couldn’t figure out how to blend brushes. i would not reccomend the smudge tool. you can use it if you want but i would like to gently steer you away from that as a main blending tool

so first of all make sure pen pressure is working with your photoshop. mine wasn’t and that’s why i was having so much trouble. basically if there is no change in opacity or size of the strokes no matter how hard or light your strokes are then pen pressure is not working (not assuming you don’t know how pen pressure works, i just didn’t realize that because i thought photoshop brushes were just shit). i can’t remember what i did to fix it but i googled it. 

blending in photoshop is something you just need to get used to really. basically what it comes down to is keeping one hand on the alt key while you draw because that’s the eyedropper shortcut. you’re going to need to just be constantly eyedropping the different values/colors that show up when you brush over a color. experiment with different levels of pressure and opacity to see what works best to blend. it sounds like a pain but it gets easier

some brushes are just difficult to blend. that soft brush i linked to in an earlier ask is good though. softer brushes understandably are better at blending. hard brushes can be prettier though, so with them it’s a matter of trial and error

i just found this if you need a visual

hope that helps!

EDIT: also turn these on by clicking them

are you a self taught artist? how did you learn to get better? i'm not really good but i want to keep practicing so i can become more professional.
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well for one i’m super flattered that you’d come to me for this! thank you!! and uh i’m mostly a self taught artist? but i use tutorials and things so also not? i’m not really sure about that. i’m in college but i’m majoring in graphic design and i’ve only taken gen ed classes so far so. i usually try to figure stuff out on my own and then look up specifics which probably isn’t the best idea oops. 

and okay hm this is a loaded question. honestly the main way i learn is by looking at a bunch of art for hours on end in my free time because this is what’s fun for me (i mostly use deviantart but there’s some weird shit on there so it helps to hover and click “more like this” on art you like to find good stuff). i try to really pay attention to what techniques are used and i also mentally critique everything because it helps me figure out how to improve in my own art (that probably sounds bad i’m not judging people and don’t give concrit unless it’s asked for shhhhh). i have a folder on my computer full of thousands of drawings that inspire me in some way that i’ve collected over the years. i don’t use them for anything other than paying attention to the little techniques they use sometimes but it still helps and it’s a good way to figure out what direction you want to go in with your art. 

the main way i used to get better until recently is not something i’d suggest though. i’d never practice because it caused me too much anxiety that i wasn’t where i wanted to be but then i’d take on these pieces that were waaaay ahead of my skill level because i’m overly ambitious and a huge perfectionist about art and i’d just push myself on and off for months until i either gave up or forced it to look decent and wouldn’t even want to draw so yeah don’t do that! please be kind to yourself and your progression as an artist!

the best thing that’s happened to me with art recently was watching these videos. i’ve learned so so much from them i cannot reccommend them enough. i suggest not watching the more recent ones first. most of them are about an hour long but you will not regret watching them. i especially like the critiques and this video changed my life tbh.

so yeah basically just try to be gentle with yourself and try to practice when you can and view everything as potential inspiration. i hope this was sort of what you were wanting? if you have any specific questions i’d be happy to answer :) i’ve honestly spent hours talking about art to people who don’t even care so it’s no hardship on my part

EDIT: also this guy also has good videos, and i recently found this it’s really useful, and this is something you may want to consider

also this and this are good color tutorials

what brushes do you use for your art? i literally cried looking through your art tag, they are so beautiful!
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oh my gosh i’ve so been there with other artworks and their brushes that’s so cool! and thank you very much!

i’ve accumulated a lot of brushes but i’m not very good at making use of more than a couple. one brush i’ve been using a lot is from here. it’s the last one, number 6. it’s a cross-hatching brush but it works really well for soft strokes and blending. i use it for sketching and blocking in values and colors. 

i also really like this pack. the main brush i love in it is this one


it’s so lovely oh man also this one is great for backgrounds


so yeah there you go hope you like them!